When collecting Pap or sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing specimens, use of warm water is preferred over any lubricant. If lubricants must be used, apply no more than a pea size amount to the outer curve of the speculum, avoiding any application near the edges or lip of the speculum, and smoothly insert without withdrawing and reinserting. Be vigilant for and avoid lubricant contaminating or coating the sampling area.

Recommended Lubricants

The following lubricants are compatible with Hologic Aptima® and Roche cobas® molecular platforms. In addition, those provided in this recommended list have decreased interference with the Hologic Thinprep® Pap smear method.

CerviLube Lubricant Sion Brands
Pap Test Lubricating Jelly Aseptic Control Products
Surgilube Surgical Lubricating Jelly HR Pharmaceuticals
Name Manufacturer

Lubricants Not Recommended

Please avoid using any products including lubricants, creams, gels, and hygiene products containing CARBOMERS prior to collection of urogenital NAAT testing specimens. The lubricants that should be avoided prior to urogenital specimen collection are given below.

Allegiance Medline Industries, Inc. (formerly Triad/H&P Industries)
Aplicare Sterile Lubricating Jelly (Operand Lubricating Jelly) Aplicare Inc./Clorox Professional
Aqua Lube Personal Lubricant Mayer Laboratories
Aquagel Lubricating Gel Parker Laboratories, Inc.
Astroglide BioFilm, Inc.
DynaLube Lubricating Jelly Dynarex Corporation
E-Z Lubricating Jelly Chester Packaging
HR Lubricating Jelly HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IMCO Lubricating Jelly Medline Industries, Inc. (formerly Triad/H&P Industries)
Lubri-Gel Sheffield Pharmaceuticals
Lubricating Gel Henry Schein
Lubricating Jelly Cardinal Health
Lubricating Jelly McKesson
Lubricating Jelly DUKAL Corporation
Maxilube Personal Lubricant Mission Pharmacal
MediChoice Lubricating Jelly Owens & Minor
NovaPlus Medline Industries, Inc. (formerly Triad/H&P Industries)
PDI Lubricating Jelly I and II PDI Healthcare
Pro Advantage Lubricating Jelly National Distribution & Contracting, Inc
PSS Select (also known as Triad) PSS World Medical, Inc.
ReliaMed Lubricating Jelly ReliaMed
Rite Aid Pharmacy Lubricating Gel Rite Aid Corp.
Name Manufacturer