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Connectivity Solutions

Provider Portal

Web-Based Laboratory Ordering and Results Platform

A secure, high-performance, patient-centric platform that enables providers to order and receive results online. Easy to use, HIPAA compliant, and secured through SSL encryption protection. Installed and maintained by Sonic Healthcare USA support staff. 

EMR/EHR Interface

Our systems have significant interface capability with any EMR or EHR system for laboratory orders and patient results.

Interfaces are designed to use standard HL7 or custom/proprietary formats, which are required to integrate with any system.

Patient Access Solutions

Sonic MyAccess™ is a web-based platform and HIPAA-compliant solution for your patients to access and understand their lab results.

The online application allows patients to safely and simply view their test results while providing additional access to supplemental resources such as interactive graphs and educational content.

Online Appointment

Scheduling for lab services

Our appointment scheduling system provides a convenient way for patients to book appointments at our Patient Service Centers from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

SOC 2 Compliant

SOC 2 is an auditing procedure ensuring that service providers securely manage data to protect the interest and privacy of customers.