Participants must follow the steps below before presenting themselves at a CPL Location.

No Appointment Needed.


The Texas Coronavirus Antibody Response Survey (CARES) seeks to understandthe human antibody response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


1. Complete the consent form and initial survey.

 2. Choose a Clinical Pathology Patient Service Center location for the blood draw for your 3 antibody tests.  CPL locations can be found below.  Please be sure to bring you ID to your visit.  No appointment is needed.


3. While at your first antibody test (T1), present the order number that you received in the confirmation text. 

4. Mark your calendar for a reminder for your next antibody test as you leave the clinic. The survey team will send reminder texts for T2 and T3 survey links.

5. For T2 and T3, you will also be asked to complete an additional survey.

6.The results of your antibody test will be texted to you after each CPL visit. You can access a full report on CPL’s portal after you receive the text message from Texas CARES. If your results are not loaded in the portal, please call the Sonic MyAccess customer service group at 512.339.1275.

Your test results and survey responses are protected by HIPAA regulations, just like your health records. Individual results will not be shared with your employer, professional organizations or any other stakeholders. 

For more information or questions visit the FAQ page below or contact the Texas CARES team at or 713-500-9441. Email is preferred to minimize response time.


Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) has more than 200 locations across Texas, New Mexico, OklahomaLouisiana, FloridaGeorgia and Nevada to serve you. Find a Patient Service Center near you. Or for a city-by-city listing please visit the state-specific listings to the left of this map. 

We are practicing strict social distancing protocols at our Patient Service Centers, giving our patients Peace of Mind.

To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, the following measures have been implemented at our Patient Service Centers Locations:

1.Wait Securely 2 2.Face Masks 2 4.Staff Screening 2 5.Increased Cleaning 2 5.Social Distancing 1.Wait Securely 2