Microbiology Specimens

The patient's name and the source of the specimen must be on both the requisition and the specimen. A culture is only as accurate as of the method used for collection. Outside microorganisms may contaminate a specimen during each phase of handling. This can lead to misleading or erroneous results. Take care at all times to avoid contamination. Submit promptly for optimal recovery of pathogens. Submit in a leak-proof container at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to use the ESwab that best fits the specimen source and patient. ESwabs are interchangeable for all cultures in the sections listed below.

Trio of eSwab collection devices in white, green and blue
Order CodeTest Name
6007Culture, Routine
6010Culture, Anaerobic
6028Culture, Environmental
6052Culture, Genital
6012Culture, MRSA
6036Culture, Nasopharynx 
6108Culture, Strep A Screen, Non-Throat
6047Culture, Strep A Screen, Throat
6079Culture, Strep B - Pregnancy (vaginal or rectal)
6046Culture, Throat
6077Culture, Fungus Non-Blood or Skin
6061Group A Strep Rapid, Reflex Culture
4591Influenza A & B Antigen (preferred collection method)

Be sure to fill specimen in between lines on vial

2.0mL APtima Urine Specimen transport tube with pipette
Order CodeTest Name
5399Chlamydia, TMA
4112Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, TMA
5397Gonorrhea, TMA
4445Trichomonas, Male
White 2.9 mL vaginal swab Transport Media with orange label and large swab
Order CodeTest Name
3920Bacterial Vaginosis, PCR
3914Candida, PCR
5249Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, TMA
3910Trichomonas, TMA
3534Urogenital Urea/Mycoplasma, PCRUrogenital Urea/Mycoplasma, PCR
3770Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, Rectal OR Pharyngeal
3755Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, Rectal AND Pharyngeal

Female Endocervical and Male Urethral

White APtima Unisex transport medium, swab included within transport tube
Order CodeTest Name
5398Chlamydia, TMA
5249Chlamydia/Gonorrhea, TMA
5396Gonorrhea, TMA
4445Trichomonas, Male
3911Trichomonas, Female

Must be stored refrigerated after collection. Please contact your local CPL customer service for additional referral tests requiring viral transport media.

m4RT transport medium for virus with identification sticker
Order CodeTest Name
6069B. Pertussis/Parapertussis by PCR
3738Influenza A/B and RSV by PCR
3795Respiratory Pathogen Panel by PC
35343534 Urogenital Urea/Mycoplasma, PCR
BD Affir-VP ambient temperature transport reagent with tube
Order CodeTest Name
2030Vaginal Pathogens DNA Panel (Candida species, Gardnerella vaginalis and Trichomonas vaginalis)
BD Vacutainer Serum collection device. 10.0mL size with a red top
Order CodeTest Name
6110KOH Prep (Fungal Smear)
6105Wet Prep (Wet Mount)

Genital swab in 1 mL sterile saline

Sealed sterile container for tissue sample collection 90mL with identifying label

Order CodeTest Name
6128Culture, Acid Fast
6130Culture, Acid Fast And Smear
6107Culture, Body Fluid
6077Culture, Fungus Non-Blood or Skin
6007Culture, Routine

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