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Holon Insights

Holon Insights enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions at the point of care.

Holon automatically delivers specific patient or member information at the point and time of care.

Holon helps providers to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance by identifying critical patient information in real time. Holon Insights make it easy and effortless to identify patients that may be experiencing gaps in coding, with quality metrics that are specific to each insurer.

  Step 1. Open a patient’s chart in your EHR during or before the patient encounter.
Step 2. Insights make a real-time determination about the patient and relevant content is surfaced in your EHR workflow as a small notification bubble in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Step 3. You can view additional information about the patient simply by clicking the notification bubble. A ribbon with more detail slides into view from the right and allows you to take action in real time.


Holon allows you to stay within your EHR workflow while it:

Recognizes coding gaps

Provides specific patient alerts regarding eligibility and benefits

Detects specific metrics required by different contracts