Cervical Screening at CPL


Clinical Pathology Laboratories is one of two US - and two Irish - laboratories that have provided Pap smear testing for the Irish cervical screening program since 2008, and CPL served the program from 2010 to 2013.

Since 2008, more than 3 million screening tests were performed by the four laboratories contracted by the Irish Health Services Executive (HSE). This testing was performed to the highest quality standards in order to assure the best possible outcomes for the women participating, and the HSE screening program has identified and treated cervical cancer and its precursors in more than 50,000 women.

The results of cervical cancer screens conducted by our lab and the three other labs are well above the accepted accuracy rate for the type of screening conducted and have been continuously monitored and repeatedly endorsed by Irish health authorities as well as US laboratory accrediting agencies.

CPL has a greater than 70-year history of providing high quality medical testing including cervical cancer screening. Our service is directed by physician pathologists; we adhere to the highest clinical standards, and we are regularly reviewed by the appropriate U.S. governmental and private accrediting agencies. The standard of Pap test screening in the US, including that provided by CPL, is among the best in the world and utilizes a combination of technologies including computer-assisted image analysis and concurrent or reflex HPV testing in accordance with US national guidelines.

Mark Silberman, M.D., Laboratory Director of Clinical Pathology Laboratories states, "At CPL we strongly believe in screening as an invaluable service to identify those at increased risk for cervical cancer and other life-altering diseases. We take particular pride in the quality of our services in women's health."

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Clinical Pathology Laboratories to Partner with WELL CARE


LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Clinical Pathology Laboratories will be collaborating with WELL CARE to support patients in vulnerable socioeconomic situations in the Las Vegas area. Introductions to the community are planned for Wednesday, March 23rd, 4pm to 7pm at 5412 Boulder Highway location to launch the partnership.

CPL will play a pivotal role in WELL CARE's patient success by offering a variety of laboratory and diagnostic testing that will shape the care these patients receive. The WELL CARE center will include a CPL dedicated phlebotomist to help serve as the testing site for patients with a focused on specialized patient care.

"We're proud to be partnering with a company like WELL CARE," said CPL Regional Manager John Evans. "We hope to set the standard for community responsibility in healthcare."

WELL CARE, a partner company of Amerigroup, will support the underserved Medicaid community of Nevada through integrated healthcare, housing, medication management as well as other tailored medical services. WELL CARE oversees the care of Medicaid recipients who have a large percentage of behavioral health concerns and a majority of whom are homeless in Nevada.

The event is open to the public and will further explain the creative ways WELL CARE and CPL will address the needs of the Nevada community.

CPL, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a laboratory testing company focused on serving the local community through their national medical leadership. CPL is a division of Sonic Healthcare USA.



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DALLAS, Texas (September 09, 2015) - Premier Patient Network (PPN) and Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) today announced an innovative partnership leveraging technology to deliver better patient care. CPL and PPN are expanding the role of laboratory medicine within the care team by bridging the data gap to bring actionable, real-time information to providers for improved patient care and outcomes.

In the push for meaningful use and widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHR), healthcare is clogged with countless
independent systems incapable of communicating or sharing data in purposeful ways. PPN, a Dallas-based accountable
care organization and group of more than 880 physicians, and Austin-based CPL, the largest U.S. laboratory in the Sonic Healthcare federation, have created a solution: melding proprietary technologies from each organization to give physicians
a critical edge to facilitate healthier patient outcomes.

Through the power of predictive diagnostics and innovative patient engagement technologies, the program merges the best of PPN's 360 dashboard, a powerful population health management tool, and CPL's iMorpheus®, a real-time healthcare informatics tool providing clinical insights through its proprietary pattern recognition capabilities. 

"Clinical data drives diagnosis, disease monitoring, treatment selection and chronic disease risk evaluation, but only if we can access it in a timely manner," said Anwar Kazi, CEO of Sybrid, the managing partner of PPN's accountable care organization programs.

The new population health informatics program provides physicians a powerful tool to identify under-diagnosed and under-managed conditions in their patients, and better address them in a timely manner. This level of coordinated care management creates better health for patients while controlling overall costs. It is a key benefit for managing chronic illnesses like diabetes, which often require many lab tests to manage the disease.

"This joint technology integration empowers physicians to focus more on using the right data at the right time in delivering the highest quality of care across all patient touch points," said Steve Shumpert, president of CPL. "Our goals and business philosophy of empowering the independent primary care physician mirror those of Premier. We've been serving physicians and patients in Texas since 1948."

The program will deliver a real-time tool that helps physicians leverage laboratory insights and other medical data to:

  • Identify gaps in care and prioritize patients who need care the most
  • Aid in patient diagnosis, assess risk, and monitor patient progress
  • Improve Medicare quality reporting
  • More easily generate shared savings under the Medicare Shared Savings Program
  • Utilize real-time data to deliver actionable insights that improve care coordination efforts
  • Create impactful care and treatment plans in real-time during patient visits
  • Better engage patients in their own wellness, creating better health and quality of life


Physicians will save time and have a more cohesive view of a patient's case through a single interface rather than having to juggle multiple downloads and manual charts. Additionally, the new program allows physicians to process data in a way that simplifies paperwork needed for the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Shared Savings Programs. PPN created $11.9 million in shared savings in 2014. As this new integrated technology is utilized, even more savings are expected.  

The partnership between PPN and CPL underscores the goals of accountable care organizations. The nation is moving away from a cottage industry health system to more cooperation with physicians and ancillary providers. Fragmented care has given way to continuum care, with a coordinator incentivized to drive efficiencies in a patient's care management journey. 


About Premier Patient Network

Premier Patient Network (PPN) is a newly formed alliance of two physician-owned, physician-led organizations: Premier Patient Health Care and Patient Physician Network of Plano. The alliance provides independent physicians a support vehicle for practicing in a value-based environment where technology, support resources, and contracting economies of scale are imperatives. For more information, visit www.premierphc.com

About Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) is a physician-led member of the Sonic Healthcare federation of laboratories providing national support on a local level. It has served physicians and patients in Texas since 1948. Its mission is to serve the medical community with the highest quality laboratory services, catering to the individual needs of independent practicing physicians. CPL upholds the values and operating philosophies of medical leadership, personalized service to physicians and a commitment to the highest quality laboratory testing. For more information, visit www.cpllabs.com


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